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How long does it take the ice sculpture to melt?

At room temperature, the ice sculpture preserves its form and details somewhere between 7 and 8 hours, which is long enough for events that take place in closed spaces, regardless of the season.
The ice blocks are made especially for carving and are basically crystal without air ducts and bubbles, which is why they melt more uniformly and slowly.
Outdoors in the summer time, the ice sculpture can keep its functionality around 4 hours. That goes for sculptures, while a whole block melts completely in a day or in a day and a half.

Where does the melted water go?

Each sculpture is places on an inox or a plastic drainage tank, where the water gathers. From the tank, the water flows down a clear pipe into a container, which is usually under the covered table on which the sculpture stands. Outdoors in the winter, drainage is unnecessary. 

How big can the ice sculptures be?

Individual sculptures are made out of an ice block with dimensions 100×50×25 cm. A larger sculpture can be produced by combining a number of blocks together. The bigger the sculpture the more details can be carved into it and the longer it is going to last. The largest sculpture we made was “Wailing Wall”, which was constructed out of 72 ice blocks collectively weighing 9 tons.

How much does an ice sculpture cost?

The price of an ice sculpture depends on the amount of ice used and the amount of time it takes to create it. Price list.

Can you make a sculpture based on the client’s idea?

Of course! Almost any idea you have can be carved into ice. Please, check our ice gallery. Most of the sculptures there were created based on the ideas of our costumers. We do reserve the right to artistic freedom, though.

Why is the ice you use crystal clear, while the ice of some of the others seems to have a white core?

All our ice blocks are produced in our studio in a special machine that was constructed so that the ice it produces is crystal clear. The white core that can appear in ice is the result of the trapped air, limescale and different admixtures in the water. Because of our production process, our ice is harder, more stable and melts more slowly.

What tools do you use?

We use electric chainsaw, milling tools, chisel, handsaw, angle grinders, planes… and a lot of love and patience.

How do you transport sculptures to the event location without them melting or damaging them?

Before transportation, we protect each sculpture against physical and thermal shocks with insulating foil and foam. If it proves necessary, the sculpture can be cooled during transportation.

How far do you deliver the sculptures?

We deliver all across Slovenia, as well as in Italy, Austria, Croatia, Serbia and Hungary. Up to 50 km, delivery is free.

How long does live carving last?

The duration pretty much depends on the arrangement and the duration of your event, usually two to three hours.

How far ahead do we need to order a sculpture?

For weddings and sculptures that need to be installed professionally, you should contact us as soon as possible. The most popular wedding dates are reserved even up to a year in advance. If the sculpture can be delivered into a refrigeration chamber, the adequate time for a reservation is two to three weeks before the event.

Do you use moulds for the ice sculpture production?

No. Each statue is handmade and is unique.

How long does it take you to carve one sculpture?

It takes three to four days for the suitable ice block to be produced, while the carving itself depends on the level of difficulty of the product. It can take from four hours to several days.



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