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At Ledene skulpture Rismondo we annually produce up to 79 tons of crystal clear ice blocks. With our sculptures, we are present at many events all across Slovenia, Luxemburg, Germany, Italy, Austria, Croatia, Serbia and Hungary. We spend many hours sketching; sometimes it takes us days of planning and carving to create a perfect ice sculpture, while at the same time knowing that the entire work will be lost, melted in a day.
The next day we start all over again. Crazy? No, that is the world of ice carving.
Ice sculptures, with their elegance, give an event a special charm. This art form cannot be compared to sculpting in lasting materials such as stone, wood, bronze… It is a unique form of art that plays in the light with its crystal translucence. These are sculptures carved into water.



His primary profession, love and sickness is cooking. It was in the kitchen where he formed his artistic abilities, first in buttery sculptures and vegetable-fruit carving. Then he discovered ice. Ten years passed, from the first beginnings, when he would freeze water in an ordinary kitchen pot and put it into deep freeze, until today, when using modern appliances he can produce twelve crystal clear ice blocks a week, each one weighing 125 kilograms. The important realization was that ice can be used practically everywhere and is suitable for any occasion. After the first ice sculptures that were a purpose in themselves, he started to think about ice as a practically usable material that can invigorate and raise different events, celebrations or even daily occurrences to a higher standard.
The quality of his knowledge and sculptures, of course, has been attested to in different competitions. The most resounding one amongst those was the Cooking Olympics IKKA 2008 in Erfurt, where he received a gold medal for his sculpture “The Birth of Pegasus”. 



She is a long-standing co-creator of Vzajemna magazine, she used to work at a local TV station, she is an amateur photographer and a future archaeologist. She works at Ledene skulpture Rismondo as a project manager and she is in charge of marketing and photography. With your ideas and her management, your every event will come to shine in a perfect crystal clear light.


Rismondo MiroRismondo Miro
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